Tune-Up Service

Vehicle Tune-Up

When your vehicle stops working properly, your first move is to contact your local mechanic. But did you know that regular tune ups are just as important in caring for your car? In fact, by scheduling tune ups as needed, you can do your part to avoid costly automobile repairs down the line. At Michael’s British, American & Foreign Auto Repair, we offer thorough tune up services for vehicle owners. No matter the age or condition of your car, we have the knowledge and skills to give it the maintenance it needs to keep on running.

Invest in Your Vehicle

Our tune up service is a solid investment in the long-term health of your car. When you come to us, we’ll take the time to inspect your vehicle and make sure it’s running as it should. And if we come across a problem, we’ll alert you right away and help you make an informed decision about your repair options.
Keep your vehicle healthy with our thorough, reliable tune up service.

Tune-Up Guide for Your Vehicle

With a vehicle tune-up, we’ll cover regular vehicle maintenance. We’ll check your ignition, including spark plugs, plug wires, coils, and the other components that work to ignite the air and fuel mixture inside your combustion chamber.

We’ll also check your oil, fuel, air, and cabin air filters. These filters stop contaminated particles from reach vital components within your vehicle. Cleaning or replacing filters helps to improve engine performance and efficiency.

Another important aspect of your vehicle that should be inspected are your belts and hoses. Checking to make sure your hoses are transferring the vital fluids and that belts are working correctly is vitally important for your engine.

Our technicians will also go over engine oil, coolants, break fluids, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. These fluids are supremely important to keep your vehicle operating properly.

These are just a few of the aspects of your vehicle that should be maintained regularly. Call today to make your appointment with our team.

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