Transmission Services

Automobile Transmission Repair

The transmission’s purpose is to use different gears to transfer the power generate by the engine to the drive axles and wheels. To match the most efficient use of engine power for the vehicle’s speed, the transmission will use different gears with specific ratios.

When your vehicle is having trouble shifting into gear, it’s good to know that you can turn to an automobile transmission repair shop for help. Michael’s British, American & Foreign Auto Repair is a locally owned and operated business that has the necessary resources to handle your work quickly. We’ll schedule your appointment promptly, and our technicians can perform a speedy diagnostic.

Auto Transmission Service

You depend on your transmission to keep your car running smoothly. So if you have reason to believe that your transmission isn’t working as well as it should, it’s important to get it serviced before the problem gets worse. At Michael’s British, American & Foreign Auto Repair, we’re equipped to maintain and repair all types of transmissions. Whether your car has a manual, automatic, or semi-automatic model, we can provide the transmission service you need to keep your vehicle in the best possible shape.

At Your Service

At Michael’s British, American & Foreign Auto Repair, our goal is to provide quality service at prices you can afford. Even if you don’t suspect a transmission problem, it’s important to have your transmission looked at by a professional every so often to ensure that it’s operating as it should. And when you come to us, we’ll provide the thorough, dependable service you deserve.
If you care about your car and want to make sure it serves you well for the long haul, maintaining your transmission is a must. Call us today to learn more about our transmission service options or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

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