Auto Inspection

Protect Your Investment

If you’re looking into purchasing a used vehicle, it’s a smart investment to bring it in for an auto inspection first. At Michael’s British, American, and Foreign Auto Repair Shop, we have top of the line diagnostic equipment. Our dealership level equipment allows our staff to quickly and efficiently find any current or potential problems. Don’t rush into buying a vehicle before you get it properly inspected. You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration with a simple auto inspection. We’ll be happy to help you make sure that you’re investing your money in a good vehicle.

Complete Vehicle Inspection

We examine your fluid levels, belts, lights, hoses, tires, steering, suspension, and more. We want to make sure that your vehicle is safe and that it runs better than before. Our staff is committed to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. A simple inspection can help you prevent small problems from turning into big problems. Learn more about the health of your car by scheduling an auto inspection today. It’s important to protect the investment you’ve made on your vehicle.

Thorough Auto Inspections

At Michael’s British, American & Foreign Auto Repair, our auto inspections are designed to give you a clear picture as to how your vehicle is running. Whether you have a relatively new car with low mileage or an older vehicle that’s seen its share of wear and tear, we have the tools and skills to give you a comprehensive view of how your automobile is working. We maintain convenient hours to make appointment scheduling easy; and we keep our rates reasonable to serve our customers’ needs. Trust your vehicle in the hands of our experts.

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